I'm debby simple me outgoing nd friendly  a student of federal university of technology minna Niger state 200level  reside in lagos state I'm a foodie though chocolate lover music lover also love dancing detest  

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Bamisaye John faith
Bamisaye John faith 5 months ago
Please can I follow you cus my mum told me to follow my dreams
Gideon edet eyoh
Gideon edet eyoh 5 months ago
I never believed in love at first sight but girl you blow my mind away,if loving you is wrong den I don't want to be right cause I have lost my heart to you completely I swear, your lips so succulent that am sure no fruit tastes better than it ,your eyes got me so lost in it and your face a reflection of heavens beauty.o thought it's impossible to find a lady with the whole package, beautiful face,lovely legs, voluptuous shape,and a killer smile but then here you are before me

Caleb itanyi
Caleb itanyi 5 months ago
I never thought in my life I was gonna meet a beautiful rose until  your picture got my attention.  I wish I get to meet you in real life because your smile is captivating and your lips so sexy. In my dreams, you’re all I see and in my reality, you’re all I want to cherish, adore and love forever. My greatest achievement would be to see you happy and smile wholeheartedly each and every day. I love you so much, beautiful
Muhammad Tukur
Muhammad Tukur 5 months ago
You look so beautiful and angelic.I feel I should dirty u just by touching you,Your eyes are so expressive and beautiful that I can't help but host in them.looking gorgeous and this pic really made my day your eyes are like pearls and I think this is the best I have seen in the long time.
Classy shot and awesome background too.your beauty has no boundaries.
Can't scroll........😍😘😘👌
Idowu Yusuf
Idowu Yusuf 5 months ago
Babe let me take you home my parents are expecting a beautiful lady like you
Felix Umeobiorah
Felix Umeobiorah 5 months ago
Debby, in as much as this is where we found ourselves, u ar the kind of girl i want, u ar the perfect girl for me, Desperately wanting you to know that, ur picture is in my heart, painted crimson red, u haven't left my thoughts since i gaze on this Angel. Just look at "U" I don't know if i would be able to to me, from others, you are set apart. For, even though you're a gift to the eyes, there's no comparison to how you affect my heart
The ray from your optics prey my heart. You are black and beautiful, i love the color of your silk skin, i love ur face and eyes and nose and lips and “I love everything there is to love about you.” There is nothing that will keep me from focusing on u like a nice attractive food. U have drawn my attention foodie, There is nothing in the world good food cannot fix, so who eva prepared u, is a mighty chef, may i hav u fix my life. thank God to your mama. what does it cost to be your friend? I seek and find new ways of looking forward to love you

Godwin Akaeru
Godwin Akaeru 5 months ago
You're so beautiful that you made me forget my pick up line.
If God made anything more perfect than you, he must have kept it to himself. I just want you to know that when I picture myself happy, it's with you.
You are my compass.
Without you I'm lost.
In a field full of flowers, you are a perfect rose and i am here to pluck you. I love you Sunshine Rose
Nzekwesi Godwin
Nzekwesi Godwin 5 months ago
My heart forgets to beat the moment I see you. They say honesty is the best policy, so I have to tell you that you're the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.
Your eyes are so beautiful I just keep getting lost. The only flaw in your entire body is your lips - they're not touching mine.
Excuse me, I seem to have lost my heart. I think you must have it. Give it your own in exchange.
Brammy 5 months ago
Hi Debbie I have always loved that beautiful name on someone thank God i finally found one.

Even though I just met you. I cannot get you out of my mind. I think this might just be what my lonely heart’s been searching for. Scrambling up the ladder to success, I had nearly forgotten about love. All that came to a searching halt when I saw you.

I wish I could tell you about my feelings, in the morning, middle of the night, when I eat, during sleep, when we dance, in happiness and in sadness. I just want to tell you that I love you.

My dearest Debbie I want to spend every moment of my life with you, I want to make our dreams come true together. To be there through the good and bad I will cherish what we have forever.
Young Truth
Young Truth 5 months ago
Seriously speaking, looking at your beautiful face, I am mesmerized by your beauty because you are more than a crush, more than I like, more than I love. I would like to make you mine because if I would like to rearrange the English alphabet, I would love to put U and I together.
The greatest thing this heart can achieve, is to find something worth to dream, and you are the dream because your beauty amaze me and mere looking at your picture, I lost myself and without you, I find myself lost again

If no one have ever told you before, I'm telling you that 'YOU ARE AN EPITOME OF BEAUTY '
Victor Umeobiorah
Victor Umeobiorah 5 months ago
I not so good with words, i am not soo courageous to walk up to a girl i like and say it to her, i rather die in my silence, if i must say i love u now, i can't because i am a shy person, i have to tell another person to tell u on my behalf, sometimes my friends took that advantage over me and take the girl I love from me because i can't speak. Have u ever been loved from distance, have you ever been admired and still not know about it, that's me for you, i do it anonymously now to say to you. I *****. I am sorry, i hope you read whats in my eyes to see whats in my heart.
Ukonna Peter Ikechukwu
Ukonna Peter Ikechukwu 5 months ago
Dear Debby!!!..I want you to know that if i ended up in heaven after death and I'm asked in which form I'll like to come back, I will choose the form of a tear.By this way, I can be born in your eyes, then I will roll down your cheeks and then die right on your lips.Give me this chance debby!
Ugochukwu 5 months ago
I love you Debby, you look like my perfect African woman, your face, your skin and color, your body is dope. This is the true sense of beauty in Africa before the western world came to disrupt the beauty of Africa with makeups and all sorts of color to bring out their beauty, what they don't knw was that "you can find every color in our soul and sand that makes it true beauty which is still find in u. But Africa kept this true beauty and saved in U today. I am a true born African King so would you be my true born African Queen. Be mine and i will give you love in all ramifications of life my dear.
John Etim
John Etim 5 months ago
Hello Sunshine, I'm John ......just looking at your picture alone, one could tell that you're GORGEOUS, LOVELY ,You do not need makeup. You are already so naturally BEAUTIFUL, You look PRETTIER rettier than just a picture........dare i ask...... Can we be friends, i would like to get to know you ,perhaps build a relationship together.
If you give me a chance, i promise to make you happy 
Suleiman Mustapha Adavize
Suleiman Mustapha Adavize 5 months ago
If I should toast you, you won't be able to reject my vibes cause you will feel it deep down in your heart. Because all that you will need will be embodied within my lines of words and it will get you thinking over and over again without being able to forget about me.

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