Searching For True Love

Searching For True Love

I'm Marshal Eyoh.
A student of the Cross River University Of Technology, Calabar. Bsc2/4 resides in Cross River State.
I'm friendly, intelligent, and easy going. I'm the kind of person that likes music, reading, and playing games.
Also I believe in God and love  😍  

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Uzoma Ogbata
Uzoma Ogbata 5 months ago
My Greenlight is show. I don’t have much sweet talks to tell you, but I really wanted to talk to you. Your personality interests me, almost everything about you is handsome, i am so in love with you, I need you! You fail not to give me flowers in my dream.  And in my mind realm i have pictured you and i, and i really like to share every moment with you. I can't love you less and if you say no, i will not survive, I love you more than alot more.
Genevieve onyekwe
Genevieve onyekwe 5 months ago
Hey Handsome,
 I want you to be all of my tomorrow.
 I dont know what the future holds but I know exactly whom I want to spend it with.
 Your flaws aren't flaws to me
 I could have avoided you, but somehow knew yow were collision worth having 
 You are the type of man any girl would be lucky to have.
Kezaya ume
Kezaya ume 5 months ago
I have really something to tell you, everyday i will spend with you becomes the new best day of my life. I have fallen in love many times always with you, The first thing I imagined when I saw the word ‘love’ is you.
I am absolutely, definitely, positively, unquestionably, no strings attached, beyond any doubt, unconditionally, in love with you.
I want you to look at me like you’ve never looked at anyone else. I want you to look at me like I have something other girls don’t.
If the weapon is your love, I got my hands up. If you’re gonna take me down, I surrender.
Onyekwe Chinyere Rosemary
Onyekwe Chinyere Rosemary 5 months ago
Hello Baby!!!
You can call me Chi, i m head over heels just knowing we have alot of similarities, and with your killing looks.
I just wish you can bring me into your world, so we can show the real world that true love still exists.
Humans are never perfect, but you know that love really deserves an opportunity
Pls hear my heartbeat for you!!! Kisses!

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Searching For True Love
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