Love for who or what i Am

Love for who or what i Am

My Name is Felix, my Nick Name is DonFlexy, I am a Good Flirt and Flex alot, in spite of that all, i still believe in love, especially one directed to Me. I do Gym, i am tall and studied Mathematics as my field and God my religion.

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mercy chinyere ikechukwu
mercy chinyere ikechukwu 8 months ago
You are cute, smart and lovely, your baby face alone have made me triped for you, your pointed noise its outstanding, your eyes are so deem that it can make me fall inlove with you, i really wish to be your best friend. Kisses
Genevieve onyekwe
Genevieve onyekwe 8 months ago
I don’t have anything interesting to tell you, but I really wanted to talk to you.
 You’re pretty freaking great and i really like to get to know you.
 You’re pretty much my dream guy
 You never fail to give me butterflies.
 I can’t sleep. I blame you.
 You make my heart happy.
 I like you. More than a lot.
Afolabi Baseerah
Afolabi Baseerah 8 months ago
It's not about being a perfect person, because nobody is. But a strong relationship comes from when you can accept those imperfections— and they're compatible with yours. That's what you really need. A flirt or not, I love every God's fearing man! Heart you so much #Donflexy

Ada okoli
Ada okoli 8 months ago
Looking at ur picture gat me crazy.

Most especially your simple look, also your Black Beauty I think I love you please love me back thank you😘
Martha Orkuma
Martha Orkuma 8 months ago
Dear Felix i love you for who you are. You are unique and i see something in you that no lady does. I love when a man is truthful and ambitious. your lips and light skin is dope and i must say you are the prince charming i have been looking for. Let's know each other and you get to experience true love from a dynamic women in the world.
Gloria Ogbonnaya
Gloria Ogbonnaya 8 months ago
Its official
The sparkle in your eyes speaks volume.
And that has taken my breathe away.
Why do you look so cute
That i wish I could keep you all to myself
I may sound greedy
But I have never being one who loves to share in times like this
And so I dare to say
Will you be mine?

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