Icon of the year Contest

Appreciating Outstanding Leadership in Nigerian Campuses


Lecturers, Student Unions, Departmental and Faculty leaders, Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff, Administration, etc all get recognized one way or another, but a particular set of individuals are left uncelebrated year in year our, when these individuals are indeed the pillars upon which tertiary institutions are properly organized. They are course representatives also known as course reps.

Course Reps are the link between students and lecturers. They are in charge of our assignments and in most cases are also the link between the students and the governing bodies or departmental or association . But no one recognizes them or their effort.

This year Revanga wishes to celebrate course reps in your schools. To do this we oblige every course rep in whatever school is being voted for, to upload their photograph and let their students vote them as ICON Of The Year. Each course rep will compete against other course reps in his school for the prestigious crown of ICON Of The Year. Course Reps will have their classmates vote for them in Round One of the contest and by the stipulated time to end Round One, all course reps with 100 or more votes will qualify for the Grand Finale. The ICON Of The Year Award will go to the course rep who finishes the Grand Finale with the highest votes


  1. 1st Prize: N50,000
  2. 2nd Prize: N30,000
  3. 3rd Prize: N20,000

Winners from each school contest will compete among themselves for the grand prize


  1. First Prize - N1,000,000
  2. Second Prize - N750,000
  3. Third Prize - N500,000

Entry into this contest is absolutely FREE!

Go celebrate your course rep. Vote him or her to become the ICON Of The Year and stand the chance to win one semester of school fees paid by revanga.

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