Social Group Admin Contest


Are you an Admin of a Whatsapp or Telegram Group? Are you a member of any Whatsapp or Telegram Group with outstanding admins you'd like to win a prize for their administrative efforts in your group? Now is the time we celebrate Whatsapp and Telegram admins for the tireless job they do seeing that the goals of the groups are always being achieved, and everyone is kept entertained and happy. We bring you Admin Of The Year Contest.


  1. You must be an admin of a whatsapp or telegram group having at least 100 members
  2. You must send revanga your group invite link so a revanga representative can join your group
  3. Submit your picture and the name of your group and a brief description of your group to contest


  1. 1st Prize: N50,000
  2. 2nd Prize: N30,000
  3. 3rd Prize: N20,000

Entry into this contest is absolutely FREE!

Contestants will have their group members vote for them in Round One of the contest and by the stipulated time to end Round One, all contestants ie whatsapp/telegram admins with 100 or more votes will qualify for the Grand Finale. The ADMIN Of The Year Award will go to the admin who finishes the Grand Finale with the highest votes.