Religious view on sex confusing

I USED to belong to a charismatic religious sect with very strict views on sex. When I was 20, I broke away and went back to the orthodox church I once belonged to. Unfortunately, I now have a problem with my beliefs.

Some girls in my church dress very sexily and, being a hot blood male, I really fancy them. My old religion said this was lust and very wrong, but my orthodox church assures me it is okay and part of one’s emotional outlook.
I’m comforted by this, but feel guilty as I’m not sure I’m right.  I’ve been tempted to go back to my old religion, but I don’t really want to. Can you help in any way?

Chris, by e-mail.

Dear Chris,

You are pulled between two religions with different beliefs and, are not sure which to follow. I honestly believe that there is a difference between what religion says and what God says. God is God but religions are often influenced by ordinary men and women.

I suggest you don’t worry so much about the beliefs of either of the religions you’ve been involved with. Trust God and your instinct to find an answer.


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