Lady Shares Experience With Her Interviewer In The US

Following the viral tweet of one Miss Taiwo, who allegedly blasted her interviewee for complimenting her after the interview because she smelled nice, another lady has shared her experience with her  interviewer in the US.

The lady identified as Kynene Oma, while reacting to Taiwo's viral tweet, mentioned that she was wowed by the bracelet her interviewer wore and she compliment her for it.

The interviewer not only said valued the good words, but also got one for her after she resumed work at the office.

See her tweet:

My first interview in the US, I told her I liked her bracelets. She said she got them from Etsy and that she would get me some. 2nd week on the job, she gave me bracelets. See, this interview thing is not judgement day. You Nigerians need to stop tighting your chest


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