Infantino wants 48-team World Cup in Qatar 2022 and 24-team Club World Cup

Infantino wants 48-team World Cup in Qatar 2022 and 24-team Club World Cup

There is a plan afoot to change the footballing landscape from FIFA president Gianni Infantino.

The first steps for his changes could take place in Miami this week at the meeting of the FIFA Council, but final approval will be needed next June at the governing body's congress, which could also see the Swiss remain as the head of FIFA.

One of the first issues to deal with in Florida will be extending the Qatar World Cup to 48 national teams.

His plan is to reach more countries and more fans, even if their chances for success will be remote when it comes to competing against the game's bigger powers.

He wants them to enjoy everything that goes with participation in a tournament as special as the World Cup and believes it is the best way to promote the sport.

Changes in Qatar 2022
A 48-team World Cup is scheduled for the 2026 edition, but Infantino maintains that the structure of the next World Cup could support the calendar moving from 64 to 80 games.

It would also guarantee additional revenue of between 265 and 350 million euros, of which 100m euros would be related to television rights, 130m euros in marketing rights and 80m euros in ticket sales.

Another obstacle lies in the blockade imposed by Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE to Qatar since the increase in teams would mean that other games would have to be disputed in some nearby countries, something that is impossible at the moment.

UEFA say no
UEFA and Aleksander Ceferin have continued to express their



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