How To Avoid Scams And Earn Money Online

All of us have a desire of earning some extra or side income online. What would happen if you are not paid even after making real efforts? It will definitely bring your morale down. People make mistakes, especially at the initial level. They have no idea what to do and what to avoid. Few scammers use the newcomers for their personal interests.  
Yes, there are many legal and trusted ways to earn handsome money. So, it is very important to have a good knowledge of our online environment. How to know what is real and what is just a scam? I have answered such questions here. 

Which Scams And How To Avoid? 
1.    Avoid providing personal information 
2.    Don’t pay for something in advance 
3.    Chose what looks Realistic 
4.       Be aware of the fake or edited payment proofs 
5.    Quickly become a Rich scam. This is one the best weapon the scammers use. 
6.       Incomplete Information provided by the companies or websites, a scam! 
7.       No free trial, a scam! 
8.       No disclaimer or privacy policy, very much a scam. 

This is a perfect checklist to be followed to stay safe and protected from scams. Just remain calm and hold your emotions. Always think several times before deciding on anything. I am really hopeful that this checklist will help many people around the world. If you follow my instructions, you can never be scammed. Of course, you can earn money online through safe and legal ways.  
Legal ways To Earn Online 
Now we will go through a few of the most popular and trusted online earning platforms. There are countless online earning and freelance platforms around the world. It is impossible for me to keep track of all and mention here. I will go through a few of the most popular and most widely used platforms.  
These platforms are ruling the world of freelancing. 
1.     Fiverr 
2.     Upwork 
3.     Freelancer 
4.     Peopleperhour 
5.     99designs 

1.  Fiverr 
Fiverr is the best website or platform for the beginners to start their freelance journey. It is very popular for buying and selling services in diverse fields. There are so many domains and services you can offer to the people around the world. 

2.  Upwork 
Upwork has over 9 million registered freelancers. A great number of clients are also getting the services of freelancers on this platform. This is one of the best online marketplaces in the world. 
Tips To Earn On Upwork 
o   Regular Communication with the Client 
o   Clear all the doubts 
o   Show responsiveness to your client all the time 
o   Remember your deadlines 
o   Review your work carefully before submitting. 
o   Offer your client a discount 
o   Ask For Feedback after the submission. 

This is one of my favourite and largest freelancing platforms to work and earn online. It is a place for the freelancers to show their skills, ideas, talent and ability to the whole world. This platform has evolved and made great progress in the world of freelancing. 
It is not only a great platform for the freelancers but the clients can also get their work done quickly. Freelancers have the option to choose a part-time or full-time job. 
4.  Peopleperhour 
 This is a relatively new and highly secured freelancing platform. Just like other freelancing websites, services can be sold as well as buy. So, buyers and sellers can sign up at Peopleperhour. 

Tips To Earn On PPH 
·         Make your profile attractive 
·         Apply for the jobs 
·         Bid early 
·         Set price after research 
·         Get some experience 
·         Be patient 

5.  99designs 
Graphic designers, artists, website designers and creators having their business are connected through this platform. This website provides designers with the chance to show their expertise online to earn money. Services like logo designing, packaging, illustration and clothing etc. are offered at 99designs. 

Final words 
I tried my best to present the readers the best possible content and guidelines. As a human, I can make mistakes while writing. I request you to work hard and smart. There is no substitute for hard work. Follow the guidelines and tips given in the article and transform these tips according to your own skills and fields of expertise. 
I included only a few of the best platforms that are the most popular ones. If you get started on these platforms, you will be delighted to work as a freelancer. 


Idowu Yusuf
Idowu Yusuf May 24, 2019 at 8:20PM
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