Guardiola: I love Munich, I would like Bayern to go through

Guardiola: I love Munich, I would like Bayern to go through

Manchester City roared into the Champions League quarter-finals after slapping Schalke for seven.

And Pep Guardiola warned City's rivals that there is more to come from his side, suggesting the likes of Leroy Sane still have an extra gear to find.

That should act as a frightening prospect for those across Europe, with City now having scored 61 goals since New Year.

'When I said we are a teenage team in this competition, I didn't say we are not going to fight,' Guardiola said.

'Teenagers have patience, desire, they are not scared. We are trying to achieve for the second time in our history a semi-final of the Champions League.

'It is why when the people say you have to win, you have to win, when you are out in the quarter-finals, it is a disaster, it is not fair.

'Today Real Madrid is out and Atletico Madrid is out and PSG is out and it is unfair, this competition, because it is incredibly tough.

'There are incredible teams so when we are through the group stages, I am happy. It is so nice to be in the quarters for the third time in our history.'

Guardiola - who revealed he wants former club Bayern Munich to dump Liverpool out on Wednesday night - is demanding more from his players, particularly the wingers.

He also suggested City will face elimination in the next round if the Premier League champions struggle in the first leg as they did at Schalke last month.

'Leroy was not aggressive enough in the first 20 minutes,' Guardiola added. 'I like when he runs and go



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