DESIGNERS AND CLIENTS! Mini Guide On Having A Hitch Free Design Project

DESIGNERS AND CLIENTS! Mini Guide On Having A Hitch Free Design Project

Hi Guys....

So I would want to share this, and I believe it will be informative to designer's and clients Alike!

Firstly, Let's address the Clients.


I see some clients here, who are always quick to pursue free offers and designs, or who will quickly react like...
5k or 20k for just a design? ... Really?

Let me clear something, there is nothing wrong in claiming offers some good designer's are offering, but for some newbies...they use such designs to practice and get to know how to utilize their software's well...

Now how can... You use such "semi cooked" designs as a representation of your brand??


When it comes to pricing... Some clients are outrightly "unreasonable in pricing", You hear things like 15k for "Just a design"... Or Do it let's see"... they tell this to about 5 designer's, in a bid to get the "best" and still have a very poor budget.

Now, let's me ask you...
Do you ever invite 5 food vendors to cook for you on your wedding, and tell them you will pay the vendor whose food tastes and appears better?.... so what happens to the rest?

As a Client, know this, originality is costly and it doesn't come easy... You might say I got the logo for 3k, Until you go online and see same logo, and probably a line changed....

Until You See Design as a Value Creation, you would always see every quote as costly, No one is paid, if he is not providing value or solution.

How to Book a Designer Online..

Let's assume you, He was referred!

▶Get to Talk/Chat with Designer.
▶Get to understand the modus operandi
▶Ask for Pricing and the deliverables (Don't let price scare you)
▶Ask for link to portfolio, Check up his social media handles..
▶Follow up on his previous deliveries to other clients! See the delivery pattern.

▶If you're still doubtful, make enquiry from those Clients

When you get Convinced, And you want to Embark on the project...bear in mind the modus operandi, If you want any Adjustments to it, make that clear before initiating the project, This is possible but might affect pricing... e.g

Percentage of advance payments
Number of samples
Date of delivery etc!

With all this you should have a smooth sail...
remember this,
Be Polite, Good designs are Valuable, and Valuable things Cost a reasonable amount


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