Hello Revangan,

Compliments of the season and hope you’re already having an interesting December. Revanga appreciates you for your loyalty and efforts to help grow our community by logging in daily to check on new posts, contribute to people’s topics, vote in upcoming contests, perform daily tasks and more. We can’t wait for the New Year to begin dishing out bumper point tasks to you so you can earn more overtime. To wrap up the year here are a few updates that have taken place since we last reached out to you;

SCHOOL OF THE MONTH PAYMENTS SENT: Every student of Usman Danfodio University who verified their account has been credited their share of the N150,000 released for Usman Danfodio University members of Revanga because it was the school of the month for November. Remember if by the end of the month your school has the most number of registered members your school gets price funds to split for you all. Which school will be the school of the month for December? Update your school information and invite your school mates to sign up.

SCHOOL DATABASE RESET: Because most students have unverified school information and in our effort to rid Revanga of ghost members we have cleared out the database of registered students per school. Now everyone is back to a level playground. To get your school ranking in the top 5 schools or to take your school to number 1 on our charts for our School of the Month Prize, update your school information in your profile. The number of members per school will increase according to how many members update their profile with their school information. Remember winners of School of the Month will be required to verify their email address, phone number and submit a copy of their school ID to partake in the sharing of school of the month price money. Students and current undergraduates on Revanga should update their school information in their profile to get their school ranking in the top 10.

MEMBER PHOTO CONTEST: Revanga introduces Photo Contests. Are you charming, beautiful, handsome, pretty cute, popular, or do you have some fashion wear you think can win you a prize because of how elegant or cool it is? Come entertain us with your coolness and win some real cash for it. Submit your picture for Photo Contest and when it’s posted invite your friends to vote for you. You will be put to contest with other members who submitted entries. Ensure your picture is in line with contest rules. Top 3 members with the highest votes through group stage, semifinals and finals win N20,000, N15,000 and N10,000 respectively. Submission is FREE for all members.

ICON OF THE YEAR: Through Icon Of The Year we reward excellence in service in tertiary institutions. Revanga will pick interested schools within the Top 10 schools on revanga and allow their course reps and class leaders participate in the ICON Of the Year contest. These course reps or class leaders submit their picture to Revanga and go head to head with other course reps from their school. Classmates of these course reps vote for their course rep to win the ICON of The Year Prize. Top 3 course reps with the highest votes across group stage, semifinals and finals win N50,000, N30,000 and N20,000. In addition to this, classmates of the 3 course reps with the highest votes submit an essay of why they deserve free school fees for one semester. Two classmates per course rep who wins Icon of the Year will have one semester school fees paid for by Revanga. This means if your course rep ends up finishing 1st, 2nd or 3rd you and another classmate could have one semester school fees paid for by Revanga to celebrate you and your outstanding leader. What are you waiting for? Invite your course rep to enter for ICON OF THE YEAR if your school is listed in the Top 10 schools on Revanga. Remember to get your school to rank in the top 10, update your school information on your profile. Schools with the most members who have updated school information will be ranked according to such verified numbers.

REVANGA DISCUSSION FORUM AND CONTEST OPEN TO OTHER INTERNATIONALS: Nigeria’s first task based site now allows contributions via forum topics and contests from other internationals. We invite the world to come interact with us and enjoy our platform. This move sets us higher on the stage as the true giants of Africa and sets the Revanga Community as the first ever online tourist center allowing internationals have a taste of our culture and ideals while letting them earn from our system as well. Now anyone in the world can post and comment on a topic, vote and participate in contests and earn from doing so. Just like Bank of America is an American bank set to serve the world, Revanga is our Nigerian community set to welcome the world while delivering point-earning assignments and tasks you can convert to money overtime.


FREEMIUM MEMBERS                                              PREMIUM MEMBERS
Points (Daily Task)                                                1000 Points (Daily Task)
5 Points for each news read                                    30 Points for reading news
25 Points for creating featured discussions         100 Points for creating featured discussions
50 Points daily login                                                  500 Points daily login
20 Points Referral Bonus                                          20 Points Referral Bonus plus N1000 after referral Upgrade

We restricted the numbers of post each members can create in a day (5 Post) to allow members understand the rules of forum posting. we intend to increase the daily limit if we see that members have fully understood the rules and have followed those rules while posting.

From 24th December - 1st January, members will be able to unload as low as N2,000 from their virtual wallet to their main wallet for withdrawal.

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year in advance


Idowu Yusuf
Idowu Yusuf May 24, 2019 at 8:11PM
Yusuf idowu

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