David Beckham's new statue unveiled... but was it really?

David Beckham's new statue unveiled... but was it really?

The host of CBS programme The Late Late Show, James Corden, had some fun at the expense of the former Manchester United, Real Madrid and PSG star.

Statues of top footballers have caught the attention before and now the host of The Late Late Show, James Corden, has made his own, with a touch of humour about the unveiling. The player in question, former England international, David Beckham.

Beckham fakes it for 'new' statue
Corden, Beckham's compatriot, collaborated with LA Galaxy, including the club president, Chris Klein, to set up the joke. Earlier this month, the MLS team decided to put a statue of 'Becks' outside Dignity Health Sports Park, but before unveiling the real one, it occurred to them to have some fun with the idea.

David's reaction was one of absolute surprise, never imagining that the end result would be so detached from reality. However, polite as he is, he faked a smile and applauded, while those behind the cameras struggled to contain themselves.



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