A World Without Women (A Poem Full Of Lessons)

Now come with me
On this imaginary journey
Through the undulating mental world
Where none are women called

Here we are on the street
Where all are muscular and fit
Without any succulence
To make a difference

And every social media page
Brims with faces hard with edge
And no one to tempt you
With adipose tissue

A World of celibates bound
For the heavenly ground
And no Vaseline crew
And distractions are few

Not one honey well
To take you to hell
Or give you birth
Into a goddamned �

What a gr8 world that'd be
As even you can see
Or what do you think?
Wouldn't such a world stink?

A World without women
A www where only men
Are on the worldwide web
And no cleavage-baring celeb! 

Source: nairaland


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