We all have Questions from time to time, here are some answers

What is revanga

Revanga is a community that rewards members with cash for doing daily sponsored tasks. Revanga shares tasks among it users and pay them when these tasks are completed. We are a Task Sharing Platform that is adding to the "Work Remotely" Jobs available in Nigeria (other than some freelancing) without any qualifications (for most of the tasks), required from our users. This tasks may not neccessarily be directly from us but can also be from one of our partnered organization

Is Revanga free to join

It is absolutely free to join revanga

Ways to earn from Revanga

Performing Task

You earn from revanga by participating in daily and sponsored task. Every tasks has an amount of point accorded to it depending on your membership plan. If your submitted task is verified and approved, you will be awarded points accorded to that task. You can top up your phone or buy internet data plan with your points

Posting, Reading and commenting on Forum Posts and Discussions

By reading news on our blog and commenting in forum discussion: You get paid for each post you read or for each discussion
Note: User must spend at least sixty seconds (20 sec) on the news or discussion page after which a button will appear for you to claim your points

Members can also earn from posting a discussion on the forum, but their post or discussion must be adopted as a featured post before their points is awarded

How much will i earn to read post or create a post or discussion

Members earn 5 Revanga points from each post they read or discussion they join and earn 10 Revanga points if their forum discussion is adopted as a featured discussion

What is featured discussion and what qualifies a discussion to be featured

Featured discussions are discussion that are displayed on the forum homepage. Post and discussions must be well arranged and properply referenced before they can be featured

How can i withdraw my points

You can not withdraw your points, but you can buy airtime and internet data with it

How much do i earn per follow

You earn N500 on Bronze, N2,500 on Silver and N5,000 on Gold per follow.

Is the earning a one time earning per followers?

No. You get paid N500, N2,500 and N5,000 every month per active follower you have. So if you maintain 10 active followers monthly you earn according to your Follow Me Plan monthly

What is the maximum numbers of followers i can have

One Hundred (100) Followers

What is the maximum numbers of users i can follow?

You can only follow one (1) user

What does it mean to be active?

You are active every month you pay your monthly subscription

How much is Follow Me monthly subscription?

N1,000 for Bronze plan, N5,000 for Silver plan and N10,000 for Gold plan

What happen if i have no follower?

Not to worry. Whether you have followers or not, at the end of the year you earn back your monthly subscription x 12. So whatever subscription you paid monthly you earn it back 12 times at the end of the year.

What is the following feature about?

It is our way to encourage earnings from home as well as developing a cool savings culture for premium members

Can i have multiple accounts?

No. You can only have one account. Members with multiple accounts will be discovered and barred.

Can i boast my followers?

Yes, when you pay for a boost your profile shows along side select profiles for new members to choose from if they were not invited by anyone