Frequently Ask Questions

General Questions

What is Revanga
Revanga is a community that rewards members with cash for doing daily sponsored tasks. Revanga shares tasks among it's users and pay them when these tasks are completed. We are a Task Sharing Platform that is adding to the "Work Remotely" Jobs available in Nigeria (other than some freelancing) without any qualifications (for most of the tasks), required from our users. This tasks may not neccessarily be directly from us but can also be from one of our partnered organization
Is Revanga free to join
It is absolutely free to join revanga
How do i earn from Revanga
You can earn from revanga in the following ways:
  • You earn from revanga by participating in daily and sponsored task. Every tasks has an amount of point accorded to it depending on your membership plan. If your submitted task is verified and approved, you will be awarded points accorded to that task. Premium members are awarded double of what freemium members get. Points earn can be converted into your wallet and withdraw as cash directly into your preferred bank account. You can also top up your phone or buy internet data plan with converted points
  • By reading news on our blog and participating in forum discussion: You get paid for each post you read or for each discussion
    Note: User must spend at least sixty seconds (20 sec) on the news or discussion page after which a button will appear for you to claim your points
  • Members can also earn from posting a discussion on the forum, but their post or discussion must be adopted as a featured post before their is awarded
How much will i earn to read post or create a post or discussion

Premium members earn 20 Revanga points from each post they read or discussion they join and earn 100 Revanga points if their forum discussion is adopted as a featured discussion while free members get 5 points for each post they read or discussion they join and they earn 50 revanga points if their discussion is adopted as a featured discussion.

What is featured discussion and what qualifies a discussion to be featured

Featured discussions are discussion that are displayed on the forum homepage and members dashboard. They are automatically selected by the system if they attract a certain amount of views and comments

What are other benefits of being a member of Revanga

There are several other ways to earn in our platform:

  • Top 10 Weekly Active Members
  • Free daily points on daily login
  • Free Points for reading news
  • Free Points for joining forum discussions
  • Free Points for having featured posts
  • Top 10 Monthly Active Members (Coming soon)
  • Revanga Team of the month (Coming soon)
  • Revanga User of the month - Male (Coming soon)
  • Revanga User of the month - Female (Coming soon)
How much money is each points worth
10 Revanga points is worth One Naira (₦1)
How can i withdraw my points
You can not withdraw your points, but you can convert it into your Virtual wallet any time you have up 100 Revanga Points
What is Virtual Wallet and how can i access or withdraw from it
Virtual wallet is where all your converted points are held and they display the current value of all your current earning before withdrawals. You will only be able to access or transfer from this wallet to your main wallet once in a month from ₦5000 and above.
When can i withdraw from my Main wallet and how long before i get it in my account
You can withdraw your fund anytime when you have upto ₦1000 in your wallet and you will have it in your accounts within 48 Hours. Alternatively, you can top up your phone and buy internet data plan with your funds
What do i get for referring People
We are not a referral scheme, but we appreciate when people tell others about us and we reward them for that. We give 10 Revanga points for each person a member refer. We also give ₦1000 to any premium member when any of their referrer upgrades to premium plan. We only consider genuine invites as we often ban members who involves in irregular referring activities like registering ghost account to gain points.
What are the benefits of being a premium member
Premium members earn double from each daily and sponsor tasks, they also earn more revanga points from each news they read and discussion they join on the forum and even when their post is adopted as featured post. They get 500 Revanga points on daily login.
Premium members also get ₦1000 when any of their referrer upgrades to premium.
How can i upgrade to premium membership and how much does it cost
To upgrade to premium, you will click on the go premium link on the dashboard and you will be taken to the payment page where you will pay with your debit card. Premium membership cost ₦2000 to upgrade to
Can i have more than one accounts
NO. We don't encourage multiple accounts and as a matter of fact all multiple accounts and the owner will be banned from the platform. we also ban members who uses fake email address.