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The Top Benefits of Paint-less Dent Repair/Removal

What is paint-less dent removal? 
Technology brings new ways to handle different scenarios. The paint-less dent removal process is relatively a new one. In the old days, traditional ways were used to handle such a situation. Thanks to paint-less dent removal technique. 
It is a way of removing the dents, without affecting the paint on the surface. This method gently removes the dents as compared to its competitive methods. It enables the vehicle back to its original condition. It is suitable if the panel of the vehicle is not already repaired. 
There is no need to paint in the paint-less dent removal process. It is not a sudden process or way to repair the dents. It is also not that simple process though. It needs so much expertise to do the job in the right way. Patience is also required. If it is not done the right way, it may worsen the situation further. So the point to keep in mind is that a person doing such work must use special and right tools with required experience. 

How does it work? 
Paint-less Dent Removal is a gentle and soft process of treating and removing the dents. The technician uses different special tools and techniques to complete the work efficiently. This process is perfect for small or manageable size dents. If the dent is too large or the place of the dent is difficult, it may not work there significantly. 
One thing needs to be kept in mind that PDR is suitable if the paint is not removed or broken from the surface of the metal. If such is the case, re-painting will have to be done even after removing the dent. 
There is no need to remove the panel of the car to complete the job through this process. However, it is needed to remove the panel sometimes to treat the back end of the dent. Technician gets access to the opposite side of the dent, pushes the metal from behind to remove the dent and bring everything to its original place. It just becomes just like it was before. So it can be said that treatment procedure can vary case to case. 

How can it benefit the customer? 
  • One of the main benefits of PDR is that it is not much time-consuming. Customers don’t need to wait for long hours or days to get the job done and move further. 
  • Another benefit is that this process doesn’t cost much to customers, so they really like it as compared to the traditional ways. 
  • Paint is not applied during this process, so it increases the economic savings of the customers. 
  • If this process is applied to a car, specific spot’s paint color will not look different from the rest of the color. 
  • As the paint is not damaged, the item looks shining, polished and just like new. This definitely increases its value in the market. 
  • This method doesn’t produce any dangerous or hazardous gases or chemicals, so it is environment-friendly. 
  • The quality of work increases, using this advanced technique. 
  • Dent removal through this process will not increase the workshop attending frequency of the car. 
  • Another benefit of PDR is that most insurance companies approve this method. 
  • The overall finish is not disturbed by removing the dents with this process.