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The Best Foods That Prevent Kidney Stones

There can be many reasons that cause kidney stones. There might be a situation when different substances become concentrated in such a way that they become solids. Metabolism of proteins builds up the uric acid. Combination of calcium and other chemicals also cause kidney stones. Now the question is how can it be avoided? 

The solution is very simple and easy. Sometimes it is necessary to take medicines or even surgery to remove the stones. But we can avoid them through diet. This is by far the best way because prevention is better than cure. Here are the steps to be followed, to stay protected from this problem. 

·       Sufficient water intake 
Drink as much water as one can, at least 10 to 14 glasses of water daily. Water helps to stabilize the chemical reactions taking place inside the human body. Hence it avoids the construction of stones. Water also stabilizes the inside temperature. 

·       Eating fruits (citrus) 
Citrus helps to reduce the chances of formation of stones naturally. Fruits, oranges, and grapefruit are great sources of citrus. Lemon is also very good in this regard. Stones can be avoided by citrus intake. 

·       Increasing Calcium and Vitamin D 
Natural foods are great sources of calcium. It is best to get it naturally rather than by the use of supplements. Milk and cheese are natural ways to increase the calcium in the body. Green vegetables and nuts will also do the job. You can absorb more calcium in the body with the help of Vitamin D. So to take vitamin D, one should eat fishes, cheese and egg yolks. 

·       Limiting cold drinks usage 
The amount of phosphate is very high in the cold drinks. It is a chemical that increases the chances of formation of stones. Hence,  cold drinks are cool, but these make life worse. 

·       Reduce sugar intake
Always take care to avoid mixing extra sugar in the foods and drinks. It can increase the chances of the formation of kidney stones. Moderation is the best way to go. 

·       Limiting salt intake and fast foods 
Salt is good for the small amount, but it is dangerous when the limit exceeds. It increases the calcium in the urine. Never add salt to any food without knowing about the already present amount of salt. Fast foods should also be used to a limited extent. The amount of salt is at a higher level in these foods. Fast foods also produce more heat inside the body. 

·       Limiting animal proteins 
Proteins are good but when we start taking them too much, they also worsen the situation. Increasing the level of proteins reduces the citrate. It is a chemical in the urine. It avoids the formation of kidney stones. Try to discuss the matter with a doctor, to stay protected. 

·       Increasing proteins intake from plants 
Oxalates can increase the chances of kidney stones production. People already having kidney stones, should never use oxalates. They should delete it from their diet completely. In any case, if they use oxalates, always back up with calcium intake. Chocolates, beets, tea, spinach, and sweet potatoes have a high amount of oxalates.  

·       Recovering body properly after a heavy sweat 
Exercise is good and necessary to live a healthy life, but it can also cause kidney stones. Loss of water in the shape of heavy sweating results in the less production of urine which is not good at all. 

There is a great need to take extra care of your health. These stones are small in size, yet very painful. A happy and healthy life can be spent and enjoyed if the foods and guidelines mentioned above are followed religiously. 

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