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Signs You Are Dating A Big Cry Baby

It is true the average man is raised by society to be entitled, act like a baby except when it comes to responsibilities.

But there are some men who think they are Sango or Obatala and should be worshiped. 

They believe any woman they decide to date should count herself lucky and for that reason be forever grateful. They believe she owes them ate happiness because they chose her. 

Anyways here is how to know if you are in a relationship with one of them...

If he tells you to cook for him the first time you visit.

If he expects you to come wash his clothes every weekend.

If he thinks it is your duty to come once a week to clean his apartment.

If he thinks you should cut off your friends because they're singles and he is planning to marry you.

If he thinks everybody around you is bad influence and will advice you wrongly concerning him and relationship with him.

If he believes that once you're married you need permission to visit your parents but you must visit his every week and every holiday.

If he believes he must be the one to choose your hairstyle, the clothes you wear and what you eat.

If he believes that you must apologise even when you're not wrong and even when he is at fault.

If he believes you should visit his mum and help her with chores three months after relationship started.

If you tell him you're not feeling fine and he still expects you to come visit/cook/clean/have sex or run any errand what so ever.

If you tell him you're busy and he gets angry that its just an excuse for to you neglect his needs.

If you try to start a project and he thinks it would eat into the time you dedicate to him.

If he tells you you're nothing without him and you need him to be happy/successful or anything else.

Be wise, such people expect you to live for them alone and give up your existence for them. They act like you owe them for the air you breathe and until you drop dead, they'll continue to demand of you and offer nothing not even a thank you in return.


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