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Project Management Systems and Virtual Assistants

I wanted to provide you with some information about the tools I use for the best management of my team in the Philippines. I would also show you how we kept ourselves effective as well as efficient. As a result, we made great progress as a team. I have always been interested in project management and have worked in this field. I wanted to do something that can keep each and every person in the company engaged in some way with others.  

What is Wunderlist? 
Wunderlist is one of the greatest tools that can be used to make the checklist of everything you want or need to do. This tool removes all the worries of managing your account while working with the virtual assistant. Just make an account and share it with your virtual assistant. 

Key Features of Wunderlist 
The key features of this great tool are as follows: 

  • Category organization feature is provided by this tool. So you can easily make the topic wise list of anything with great ease. 
  • While making a checklist, the addition of subtasks, notes and file uploading features are also supported. 
  • Another exciting utility provided by Wunderlist is that you can even check the previous tasks and know what was done in the past. 
  • The future task scheduling facility is also available. In this way, you can simply schedule the repetitive tasks and your virtual assistant knows everything after logging into the Wunderlist account and looking at those pre-scheduled tasks 
Wunderlist Alternatives 
Wunderlist is the simplest as well as the greatest solution if you never used a project management system. Firstly, I recommend Wunderlist but there are other solutions also available. These are Podio Sauna, Trello and many more.
The one I personally use is Podio. It is not so much popular for many people, but still, it is great. I like Podio because I customize the workflow exactly according to my likings. This tool is made by the company named as Citrix. It is an advanced program used for project management. Podio can do for you everything that Wunderlist is capable of. Podio also provides you with some additional and new features. 

Wunderlist Rocks 
I would like to show you the screenshots, so that you may get the idea of how Podio and Sauna look like. Again, I would say that Wunderlist is great for most of the businesses. It is not necessary to have virtual assistants to feel the benefits of using Wunderlist. You can simply enhance your company productivity by using this tool. 

Final Words 
Here, I tried to show you guys the possible ways of working with virtual assistants effectively. You can save money as well as labour by using this tool. In this way, you can use that saved money to do some other effective jobs and grow the business. 
I hope this will help you guys. Thanks for your time and all the best!