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How To Make Him Commit To You

Most of us at some point or the other have dated that guy who is just flaky. Everything seems to be going well but he just can’t seem to put a label on it. Trying to make him commit to you can be emotionally draining and leave you feeling unsure and insecure. But we can help.
This is how to make him commit to you

Be amazing
If he’s going to commit to you, there has to be something to commit to. so it’s time to be amazingly you. Let him enjoy your company and feel so damn good around you it’s all he thinks about. This way when he’s not with you, he misses you.

Make him earn you
Let him work for you and your attention, don’t just hand it over. Making a guy earn you helps him realize just how valuable you are to him and he won’t want to mess that up. He’ll commit just to keep what he earned.

Keep the fun going
Let being around you be light, easy and a lot of fun. Don’t stress over unnecessary things and be all over him. Just be a safe place for him to always be happy and himself. Basically, be cool.

Do the disappearing act
Now it’s time to hit and miss, be around for a while and be available, the suddenly disappear. This makes him go crazy knowing something is missing when you’re not there. By the time he realizes it’s you, he’ll be begging to commit.

Blend into his life
Make being with you second nature to him. So blend into his routine and be friends with his friends. That way even when you’re gone they will be there to constantly ask about you, miss you for him and remind him just how valuable you are.

So now go be awesome and see him commit. If after all these he still doesn’t get his act together, it’s time to say “boy bye” and be gone. He’s not worthy of you. Make sure to stop putting him above yourself.

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