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How To Know If A Man Really loves You Even When He Tries To Hide It

Love is a funny thing. Even when you try to pretend it’s not there, your . to someone you have affection for is hard to hide. So, if you’re wondering about how that guy at work or school really feels about you, watch out for the things a man in love cannot control.
Here are a few signs he’s in love with you, no matter how much he tries to pretend he isn’t.

He cannot take his eyes off you
When you’re attracted to a person, you find it difficult to look away if they are around you. While staring at you may be a sign of physical attraction, it may also be a very big tell when he just can’t help but stare.

He enjoys talking to you
A man in love will find one excuse or another to talk to you. If you guys are just friends, you may notice him calling you more often. Or you find that he can literally spend hours around you, just talking about even the mundane stuff. This shows that it’s more than just the conversation for him. He’s in love with you and has a deep need to just hang around you and hear your voice.

He remembers the little details
Another one of the major signs he’s in love with you is if he remembers random details about you. He knows your favorite color even though you only mentioned it once, weeks ago. He often brings up little things that you may have even forgotten you told him.

Physical contact
Simply put, we just want to touch who we love. Sometimes, we do this without even realizing it. In conversations, you may notice him reach out to pat your arm, hold your hand or he sits so close your sides are touching. These are .s he simply cannot help and is one of the big signs he’s in love with you.

He brings you up in conversations
You’re on his mind even when you’re not around him. If you have mutual friends, you may learn that he brings up your name when you’re not there. Even when he’s fighting his feelings, he may try to talk about you in a negative way. But no matter what, your name will almost always pop up.

There are many signs he’s in love with you. But to know for sure, we hope he has the balls to express his feelings. Or you may consider outrightly asking him too.

If things are a little lukewarm between you and this guy, though, there are ways to make him fall in love with you.

Love is a funny thing. Even when you try to pretend it’s not there, you are to show affection to  someone you have affection for.

Being in a relationship with someone presupposes the idea that you are important in their life, as they should be in yours. 


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