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Have you ever wondered why your post is not featured? If yes, here are some reasons why your post is not featured and also tips on how to get your post featured.

1. Always search Revanga Forum and blog before creating a new post. It is likely that there is the same or similar post already posted, to avoid having same multiple post. We wont feature a post that is already posted in either the blog or forum.

2. Some members copy post somewhere without removing the authors name and the date and other meta information, hence allowing meta information appear twice. Such post can not be featured.

3. Don't upload images inside the post content because of rendering reasons , use the image upload button instead. Images uploaded in the post content will not be displayed properly.

4. Uploaded images should be in landscape for proper rendering.

5. Post content should be properly arranged to enhance readability. Post contents should be arranged in paragraphs and spaces between them.

6. Old news or post from previous days will not be featured.

7. If you copy a post from other websites, you have to indicate the source of the post and give appropriate credit as required

If your post doesn't follow the above rules, it wont be featured and if your post is not featured and you have created 5 post already, then you have missed your chances of having a featured post for that day. 

Check out our blog post for examples or demo of how a featured post should look like.


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