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Most of our members still don't understand how Revanga works, so they end up getting confused each time they visit our site trying to figure out and understand the platform.
The following are ways you can earn on Revanga amongst other things:

New task available are always displayed on the dashboard. To participate in them, you will have to click on any of the task and it will take you to the tasks instruction page where you will see every information about the tasks and eligibility.

If you are eligible, you perform the tasks and still on the instruction page click on submit after you have completed the task, it will take you to the task submission page where you will upload proofs as required by the tasks from the instruction page.

After submission, your submitted task will be verified and approved and if you didn't perform the task well or you submitted  a wrong proof, the tasks will be deleted which will allow you to submit the correct proof.

If your tasks is approved, you will be awarded points assigned to that task.

Our member can also earn by creating a new post in the forum.  You wont earn immediately you create a new post but after your post has been moderated and approved as a featured post.

Featured post and discussions are post and discussions that are displayed on the forum homepage where users can read and earn from.

We have already have an article on how to get your post featured. kindly read them.

Featured post points or earnings will only be awarded immediately after your post has been featured.

And if your post is not featured, it means you didn't follow out featured post rules and you have missed out on getting a featured post for that day. So endevour to read the rules and follow it while creating a new forum post

If all our members decides to post 10 - 20 articles daily, we will have more than enough post to earn from.


To earn from reading news, visit the blog and forum regularly for latest news you can read and earn from.

You will need to spend a little longer on the news page because that is what you are paid to do.  You won't earn for just clicking on the news. You will have to spend 20 - 30 seconds on the news page, after which a button will display telling you to click on it and earn points. 

To earn Points, just click on the button and your points will be awarded.

You can only earn from news that is not older than 24 hrs after posting


We organize contest monthly for our members and we pay the winners prizes assigned to that contest.

To know what contest we currently have available, you will have to visit the contest section of the website sidebar and click on contest.

Information on available contest are always posted on the site news and our social network, kindly stay update by following us on all our social network platform.

All members earn points from referring their friends. But premium members earn N1,000 when their referrals upgrade to premium.

Referring is not compulsory and it wont affect your earnings if you don't refer but it will boast your earning if you choose to refer premium members. 

All your earned points can be converted to your virtual wallet which will show you your actual points value in Naira. 

Funds in your virtual wallet can only be accessed when you have from N10,000, where you will transfer it to your Main  wallet. 

Funds in your main wallet can be accessed  from N5,000 Naira beginning from the 1st of every month to 3rd. Your main wallet funds can also be used to buy data or airtime from our site only by premium members. 

Remember! Every one earns on Revanga, if you cant afford the premium plan, then freemium plan is for you. 

Happy Earning


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