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Free online course on photography

Eventhough taking, sharing, and survey photos has turned out to be second nature for huge numbers of us, our standard commitment with pictures does not really make us outwardly proficient. This course expects to address the hole among seeing and genuinely understanding photos by presenting a decent variety of thoughts, methodologies, and advancements that advise their creation. In this course you will take a gander at photos from the accumulation of The Museum of Modern Art and hear an assortment of points of view on what a photo is and the manners in which that photography has been utilized all through its about multi year history: as a methods for aesthetic articulation, as an apparatus for science and investigation; as an instrument of documentation; to recount stories and record narratives; and as a method of correspondence and study in our ever progressively visual culture. 

Learning Objectives 

• Develop aptitudes to more readily look at and comprehend the contrasts among photos and photographic pictures. 
• Discover how setting impacts the generation, dissemination, and gathering of photographic pictures. 
• Learn about various methods of masterful and mechanical experimentation and advancement in photography. 
• Investigate photography's job in our undeniably visual culture.



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