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Free online course on coorperate finance


See requirements 

3– 4 hours 

every week, for about a month 



What's incorporated 


$150 USD 

Learn key monetary ideas for assessing and esteeming speculation openings, including how to esteem stocks and bonds. 

What you will realize 

The most effective method to esteem any benefit 

Choose which tasks to remove from the numerous a partnership may consider 

Process the arrival on any venture 

Process the esteem that an undertaking includes 

Esteem a security and process its yield 

Esteem a stock utilizing a basic model (i.e., decide the reasonable cost of a stock) 

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for Introduction to Corporate Finance 

In this course, you will pick up a comprehension of time-regarded money related ideas and standards, and how these can be connected to esteem firms, securities, and stocks. 

We will cover the time estimation of cash, cost of capital and capital planning. You will utilize Excel for some, procedure including esteeming bonds and stocks, processing NPV and discovering IRR. 

An early on money course that is required for all first-year MBA understudies at Columbia Business School, the course is educated by a world-class teacher, effectively preparing the up and coming age of market pioneers on Wall Street. 

Members from all foundations will be set up to take part on the regularly advancing budgetary playing field. 

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Before you begin 


Understudies must be acquainted with essential ideas of Accounting and have fundamental aptitudes in Microsoft Excel (or comparable.) 

Course Format 

Self-managed: course contains assignments without due dates. You can advance through the course at your own speed. 

Course closes: May 15, 2019

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