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Free course on song writing

This course will acquaint you with the devices and strategies you have to compose your first tune. 

Every week, utilizing uniquely appointed verses, we'll develop a tune and urge you to do likewise. Widely acclaimed artist, Martin Simpson, will utilize similar words and strategies and we'll check in with him every week for motivation and direction on the songwriting procedure. 

We'll likewise converse with specialists in music and brain science just as built up performers and lyricists to discover what makes a melody fruitful. 

Download video: standard or HD 

What themes will you spread? 

Combining words with a good soundtrack 

Time and pitch 

Working with song 

Harmonies and harmony movements 

Melody structures 

Orchestrating your melody 

When might you want to begin? 

Most FutureLearn courses run on numerous occasions. Each keep running of a course has a set begin date yet you can go along with it and work through it after it begins. Discover more 

Accessible at this point 

This course begun 12 Aug 2019 

What will you accomplish? 

Before the finish of the course, you'll have the option to... 

Set words to musicality utilizing the ideas of meter and scansion. 

Recognize the elements of a powerful song. 

Portray the diverse harmony types and movements utilized in famous melodies. 

Clarify the most usually utilized tune structures and structures. 

Investigate how melodies can create when various lines and instruments are added to the backup. 

Join these central melodic components to think of your very own tune. 

Who is the course for? 

Regardless of whether you're a finished tenderfoot who has never composed a tune in their life, a growing novice hoping to grow further aptitudes or a cultivated proficient looking over the fundamentals, this course will convey complete viable and hypothetical learning to help put you on your way. 

While it will be helpful to approach a melodic instrument this isn't a prerequisite, you can partake in the course simply utilizing your voice or with unreservedly accessible music programming.



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