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Everything in the world has its own advantages as well as disadvantages. Just like everything else, credit card also has plus and negative aspects. There are students who are targeted due to their future earnings potential. There is no need for a student to have a credit history or any income to get one. The companies hope that students will be able to keep their credit cards after graduation. 
You will definitely like to have the best deal while shopping and using your credit card. There is one more thing to consider, do look for an annual, grace period, balance calculation methods and percentage rate etc. You are also required to look at the fact that is this credit card beneficial or suitable for you or not. 
Now, we will have a look at a few of the advantages as well as disadvantages of a credit card. 

·         You can establish the credit if having a credit card. 
·         The credit card can also be used for medical or family-related emergencies. 
·         You can also use it while traveling or making arrangements to travel or reservations. 
·         The use of a credit card allows you to pay bills for shopping, telephone, the Internet and other purchases conveniently. 
·         There is no need to carry cash with you, so it makes easy for you to go wherever you want and shop. 
·         The ownership of a credit card helps to teach the responsibilities regarding money and finance. 

·         The credit card can easily be misused by the students as this is their first experience by using the card with such ease. 
·         Students can become under a heavy debt which they can’t even repay on monthly basis. 
·         If you don’t pay back in time, the interest rates are also not that low, so this also comes under the disadvantages. 

Credit cards are great to have and enjoy your life with ease and convenience. Just need to keep an eye on what can make it draining your money instead of advantages. Get what you can pay back each month and use it wisely to make it a blessing for you instead of a headache.