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Canadian JSM scholarship for Africans

HTAi is tolerating applications for Jill Sanders Memorial Scholarship to give financing to people dwelling in African nations to assist their insight into HTA. The program objective is to positively affect HTA limit in African nations. 

Grant support is accessible for people visiting or intending to go to an instructive organization to attempt a characterized program of concentrate straightforwardly identified with HTA or to people taking an interest in an entry level position program through a HTA office, Ministry of Health, or important NGO on a full-time premise. 

Wellbeing Technology Assessment universal (HTAi) is the worldwide, non-benefit, logical and proficient society for every one of the individuals who produce, use or experience wellbeing innovation evaluation (HTA). They speak to 82 associations and more than 2,500 individual individuals from 65 nations around the globe. 

Grant Description: 

Applications Deadline: 31 January 2019 

Course Level: The grants are available to qualification level understudies 

Concentrate Subject: The grant is accessible in HTA or a firmly related field 

Grant Award: An aggregate of $20,000.00 CAD is accessible for the HTAi Scholarship Program each timetable year. Multi-year grants will be considered for outstanding candidates, up to a limit of $20,000.00 CAD every year for a long time. Beneficiaries who are granted financing for a solitary year on end are free to present a different application the next year for ensuing grant support. 

Upon the granting of the grant, the individual beneficiary will likewise get a complimentary 1-year HTAi participation, and be welcome to join the HTA in Developing Countries Interest Group. 

Nationality: Internationally 

Number of Scholarships: Not known 

Grant can be taken in Canada 

Qualification for the Scholarship: 

To be qualified, the candidates must pursue all the given criteria: 

Qualified Countries: Scholarships are accessible to understudies from every African nation. 

Passage Requirements: To be qualified to apply for HTAi Scholarship, an individual candidate must: 

Be a present understudy at an instructive foundation or utilized by a wellbeing division association in Africa. 

Be enrolled or acknowledged for enlistment in a passing instructive or partnership program in HTA or in a firmly related field, or have been acknowledged for a temporary job with a HTA body, other open segment bodies, or NGO. 

Consent to finish the instructive/association/temporary position program for which the grant is looked for. 

Consent to go to the HTAi Annual Meeting the June following the finishing of the instructive/partnership/temporary job program to display a short report of the exploration attempted as well as the experience increased through the program. Subsidizing support for economy travel and convenience costs will be given by the HTAi to cooperation in this occasion. 

Bear witness to that he/she endless supply of the program to apply to the best of their capacity the learning and abilities picked up towards the headway of HTA in Africa. 

Inclination might be given to candidates from low-salary African nations (as characterized by the World Bank) and to candidates who have an unmistakably shown business position, look into or different open doors in the field of HTA in their nation of inception or other African nations after program consummation.

Application Procedure:

Applications are to be completed jointly by the individual participant and representative of the organizational sponsor. All application packages are to include the following:

  • The HTAi Scholarship application form completed and signed by both the representative of the organizational sponsor and the individual applicant.
  • Letter of support from the organizational sponsor representative on organization letterhead.
  • Written confirmation of acceptance/registration of the individual applicant from the institution or organization offering the educational, fellowship or internship program.
  • Documentation demonstrating the program costs and other eligible expenses (see below), with original receipts included wherever possible.

How to Apply: Application forms are available in both word version and pdf version.

Your completed application form along with all requested additional documentation are to be sent via email, fax or letter mail to- HTAi Scholarship Programs – Applications HTAi Secretariat 1200, 10405 Jasper Avenue Edmonton, Alberta Canada T5J 3N4 Fax: (+1) 780-448-0018 Email: