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It is a pure flavor brewing system which gives it a consistent great flavor from first till the last drop. The product is fully programmed 24-hour clock, auto-on/off and 1-4 cups included. You can enjoy both light and bold or strong coffee which makes it better than the rest of all. The extra large digital display having a smart control panel with LED indicators make it way more user-friendly than any other coffee maker in the market. It contains an LCD display and parts are dishwasher safe. It also has an anti-Drip System. 


1)      Style & Modern Design: 
Offering a slim, beautiful style. You can keep it anywhere in your kitchen home, office, match able to any decor. You would fall in love with its polished stainless steel with black & grey color which gives a very fine look. 
2)      Serve Coffee anywhere, anytime: 
This 6 Cup coffee pot for any type of coffee (latte, expresso) is designed like this. So, people can enjoy their favorite coffee as soon as possible. 
3)       Safety: 100% Aluminum Free: 
Now a day’s people are very health conscious. So, one should know that there is no Aluminum contamination in the coffee maker. Our Braun Coffee Maker and machine offer great durability and rust/ corrosion resistance. 
4)      Fast and Efficient: 
Now,  you can enjoy coffee in just 4-5 minutes. So now you can get the rich, bold and strong caffeine top of a yummy meal. 
5)      Satisfaction: 
Every person who is looking for a quality product at the economical price would choose Braun Coffee Maker. Its unmatched reliability, safety and food grade standard for sure assure the quality.