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5 Ways to Improve Your Writing Skills

Improving your writing skills is a tricky task. It is not just like playing a game more and more to become a better player. Fortunately, there are several methods writers can use to improve their writing skills greatly. These methods are given below: 

1.   Read, Read and Read 

Most of the times, every good writer is a good reader first. If you are a writer, it shows that you have already spent so much of your time reading. Reading just one type of material or content does not broaden the mind. You have to extend your range to different styles and ways to become an awesome writer. New techniques and subjects provide you with inspiration and motivation. Different fields of writing are used in different ways with a specific style. 

·         Emotions are shown and conveyed while reading lyrical poetry. 

·         Focus on a specific point is made in a writing related to journalism or politics. 

·         Step by step style is used for a tutorial type book or writing. 

Make it a habit of reading and learning one new thing each day. Something you haven’t done or before. Your content will become better and better if you do it continuously. 

2.   Read a Writing Manual 

There are so many good manuals related to writing are available online. Just make your mind to stick with at least one and implement what you learnt. It will be a great way to enhance your writing skills. Every professional writer needs this to do throughout their writing career. There is never an end, keep learning new styles and transform that knowledge according to your needs and wants. 

3.   Keep Meeting and Find Some Feedback 

You will never find any mistake in your own writing. It is very important to get feedback from your friends and other writers. It is a very crucial step in becoming an awesome writer. You can imagine the importance of this step by looking at the awesome writers having the editors. They still keep those editors, even being the expert writers. 

Meeting the writers is an excellent chance to get feedback regarding your writing skills and improvements. You can carry new suggestions and ideas; in reply, you will get some useful points and feedback. Local groups are a good way to start. However, there are virtual options as well. There is a large community of online writers. It does not matter, whether you are a beginner or an experienced one. Feedback is a requirement of writers of all levels. 

4.   Join and Take A Course Online

Practice and self-study are good, but learning the way the experts suggest is a great option. There are plenty of online courses available by the well-reputed platforms. Their experts work hard to deliver the best possible content as well as the methodologies to bring the best possible results. 

Clear explanations with concrete concepts do the job much better way. Most importantly, these writing courses are either free or low cost. Udemy, Coursera and Skillshare are few of the platforms offering online writing courses. English comprehension course at Arizona State University is a free course consisting of 8 weeks. If you want to refresh your basics, this is a good option. 

There are also options available for those who want to get much more than a free course. Stanford is also offering more than 20 creative writing online courses. These courses consist of 5-10 weeks. Yes, these are a bit expensive, but they provide such quality stuff. 

5.   Setting Up A Schedule 

Writing is very much like working out. It looks impossible to write anything at the start. However, It gets better and better as time passes. After some time, we see that those impossible looking things are quite simple now. 

I recommend you to make a schedule and practice for at least 1 hour daily. Pick a time and try your best to stick to it. It differs from person to person. Some writers prefer working early in the morning. Most of them like to stay awake till late at night and produce their content. 

Try to find out your best performance time. It can be any time, at which you like to work or comfortable with. Find out the best time of your creativity and check what works and what don’t for you.