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15 ways a long distance relationship will tempt your mate to cheat on you

Life is complicated and so are relationships. Nowadays, jobs and responsibilities force us into travelling far from the people we love.

Often, relationships work better when both parties are at the same location but when long distance kicks in, everything else goes down the drain.

However, some long distance relationships do work but people often get tempted to cheat because if they do they are sure their lovers will never ind out.

Plus, your girl often gets compliments from strange men and it makes her feel appreciated and tempted to taste another man.

Here are some ways a long distance relationship will try you, tempt you and eventually break you:

1. The only time your girl get really dressed up anymore is for Skype dates. She will dump you and go on a date with a man who is available.

2. Your thirsty friends will always pretend to drop in and check on your man then guess what? They will roll in the sheets while you are away.

3. There are always these friends lurking in the shadows pretending to give your girl a shoulder to lean on and stick to ride on. If you know, you know.

4. Poor communication drives your man or woman to another person's couch and we all know what happens after that.

5. Whenever a stranger hits on your lady in a club she will yield to his advances because you are not around to see her indiscretions.

6. She bought a cute little dress and wanted to show it to you but you were far away so she calls up her hot neighbour and after that the two become tight friends.

7. When everyone is talking about their relationship and your girl has to deal with the loneliness so she seeks a solution.

8. Girls' night out turns into a hoetation and your bae's friends keep trying to hook her up with the hot guy at the bar.

9. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Wrong! It makes your woman grow distant.

10. When her parents keep pressuring her to find a real man and settle down, she will listen and forget you ever existed.

11. Coming home to an ,empty bed will force your lady to find a warm, handsome companion.

12. Dry spell is real so baby girl will look for someone to remove her cobwebs.

13. Yo are always busy and unreachable so she will find someone to talk to.

14. You keep turning down your lady's requests to visit you so she finds someone else to visit.

15. Someone kissed her and she liked it and now she wants to try that again.

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