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Welcome to Nigeria's first taskboard community that reward members with cash for doing daily task for our sponsors. We have exciting offers for our members, scroll down below to features and how it works to get find out. Get started if you are ready to join us.

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Participate in numerous daily task from our sponsors and earn points you can convert to cash


Get paid for reading news on our blog straight to your bank account

Forum discussions

Create forum discussions and earn when your discussion is featured on forum homepage

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How it works


Join our Platform

To Start earning from our numerous tasks, you will need an account on our platform. To complete the registration process, you will be required to provide your location detail which will be used to provide you with tasks available in your location. Also you will need to verify your phone number and email to be able to receive tasks availability notifications. As a registered member, all you have to do is login to your dashboard to see available tasks you can participate in and other activities you can earn from


Check your Dashboard for daily tasks

Tasks are posted daily on the dashboard, to participate, click on each task to check for eligibility and instructions on how to perform them. if from the instructions you find the task interesting to participate in and you are eligible, kindly proceed with the task and submit it with proofs after tasks completion. Your tasks will be reviewed and verified before approval and if your tasks is disapproved, it means your submitted information was incorrect, and all you have to do is delete the submitted tasks and submit with the correct details


This is how you earn

Every tasks has an amount of point accorded to it depending on your membership plan. If your submitted task is verified and approved, you will be awarded points accorded to that task. Premium members are awarded double of what freemium members get. Points earn can be converted into your wallet and withdraw as cash directly into your preferred bank account. You can also top up your phone or buy internet data plan with converted points


Earn from reading news and creating featured forum discussions

We pay our members to read news on our blog and to participate in forum discussions, each post you you read and each discussion you join attract a reward in points which can be converted into points.

We also pay members when their forum discussion is choosen as a featured discussion on the forum homepage